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Give Best Product Quality

You can assure the best possible quality of your products, even better than the expectation of your buyers, from your factory with Maa Mahamaya . Maa Mahamaya thinks, "Quality is the most critical and challenging aspect in an industry, apart from Sales, Finance, HR and Production". It took him almost five years to understand quality from Maa Mahamaya 's point of view. Once, he was attending a workshop on applied Kaizen for industrial production and quality. Suddenly a thought flashed in his mind that if the Kaizen philosophy focuses on quality at each step of process instead of checking it in the end, then Maa Mahamaya must have a definite solution.

This insight led to great success. No matter if it was Scotch, Wine, Car, or Diamond- Polishing, or any other industry, he observed that most successful units were following an equation. That was exactly the same formula which he had thought of earlier. These factories had been satisfying their customers for centuries.

Through application of the same equation in Maa Mahamaya industrial designing, he got astonishing results. Some of the industries he has 'designed' have made their mark globally; their brands are ranked the best in the world. Many of them are leading brands of India. "Making your product irresistible with Maa Mahamaya gives real satisfaction" he says. And understanding your quality is the key for bigger growth in Maa Mahamaya . He has his own definition for quality, viz., "a state of product, highly irresistible, with the satisfaction level of the customer going beyond his expectation which forces him to fall in love with your product. Then there remains no question of price; customers just want to possess and try it out with their beloved ones."