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Vastu for Factories

Vastu for Factory ensures smooth and successful running of business ventures leading to greater production rate and better profits. It leads to prosperity and security. There are several things that need to be kept in the mind while setting guidelines for industries or factories like selection of site, positioning of electronic gadgets, construction of the guardroom, staff quarters, mess, chairman’s room, managing partner’s room and placement of raw materials, furnished goods, packaged material, ready items and many more. One can avoid all possible mishaps by following these simple steps and cure problems.

Normally a factory stores heavy equipments, raw materials as well as finished goods, apart from machinery and stocks. Heavy materials must be placed only in the west / southwest / south direction.

Compound wall / guestroom are also important aspects to be looked into with regards to vastu. The position of front door is very crucial with regard to the flow of income and bigger ventures. Cooking in the Agneya (Southeast direction) is unauspicious and will not serve the purpose.

So many aspects and dimensions are to be looked into before constructing and positioning of different rooms and areas for which an expert vastu consultant is required. Constructing a factory with due guidelines and directions from him will help you lead in life.

Normally factories or manufacturing units face several problems which need to be dealt with extreme care and caution. The basic reason behind issues related to the labor, taxes, competition and survival, trends and changes and above all government policies can be identified and cured with the help of vastu consultant. You might possess the tact to face these problems but why face them when they can be avoided by following simple rules and guidelines for the success of your enterprise. Vastu consultant shows you the right way to overcome all the problems in the easiest manner.

Vastu Shastra for factory, industry, factories and industries should be carefully studied before implementing before buying a site for constructing a factory to end up gaining more than losing. A simple vastu tip can change the fate of the place and make it benevolent and auspicious for you and your business.