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Vastu for Hotels

The hotel industry is undergoing a boom with a sharp rise in the upcoming of more and more hotels and restaurants competition and comparison is inevitable. People belonging to all classes and backgrounds come to the hotels and restaurants to eat, refresh and entertain themselves. It is important to create the right ambience and perfect setting for creating a good mood to encourage people to visit more often and increase the business. A prime reason behind the success of big hotels is the ambience they create and the environment in and around them. Inside the premises and outside it, the hotel management and staff try to create a whole new world for the visitors to make them feel good and fresh about the place. It is of vital importance to the guest to feel welcome and the staff needs to serve them in a manner that they give the message of feeling privileged to serve them.

Vastu plays an important role in creating the right vibe in a place and creating the right atmosphere by making small things count in a big way. Vastu gives you the right knowledge to use essential elements in the appropriate manner to avoid creating the incorrect mix and provide your place with the right vibe and environment. The main difference between the difference in business of a successful hotel and a mediocre hotel is that a big hotel runs following the principles of vastu and avoids blunders while a small hotel is constructed or run without proper or no help from the science of vastu which affects the business and hampers its chances of getting new opportunities or newer ventures.

Bad vastu may be the reason behind a place’s failure and it may be attributed to the negligence or carelessness of the owner. But bad vastu can be corrected by incorporating a few changes in the place s and it can cause the place to run successfully and smoothly and open up new doors for the employees. Indulging in no vastu or indulging in incorrect vastu are more or less similar as it affects the place to no end without doing it any good at all. Even if vastu principles are followed they should be followed with proper diligence and accuracy without fail otherwise the good effect of vastu can be rubbed down to bad luck and failures. Vaastu Consultant gives you many tips for the smooth functioning of your business.

If I hotel fails at something from some perspective many say that it is because of administrative glitches or managerial dysfunctions but the fact is that the hotel’s vastu may be causing problems for it and blocking the free flow of positive energies. Before undertaking any project or a hotel you should make sure that the hotel’s vastu is good and it allows a creative inflow of energies. The complete design procedure should be analyzed and you should need into the details regarding the construction of rooms, corridors, open places, Swimming Pool, function hall, reception, and Seminar hall and the arrangement of furniture. If a hotel’s infrastructure is according to the principles of vastu it will create a positive vibe around the hotel and its staff and it is bound to thrive and do better business than all other in the industry.

While constructing a hotel building care should be taken to use open spaces judiciously to allow free flow of energies and boost the business. The principles of vastu are to be followed while constructing hotels in general and rooms and bathrooms in particular. Without settling on a compromise of sorts one should approach an expert vastu consultant at the earliest before the proceeding towards the construction process. The plot of land should be analyzed by him and if there are then suggestions should be taken and changes made. It is necessary to devise a proper plan for carrying out the construction work and then moving on to arrangement of furniture and other objects it should be made mandatory that during all other procedures related to work all the principles of vastu for office should be followed with complete diligence and care. If all these things are taken into account and work is carried out with extreme caution the hotel is sure to touch greater heights and exceed all expectations.