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Vastu for Plots

The major factors to be kept in mind while selecting the plots are: The surrounding area, Level of the land and roads around it. You need to carefully observe the pattern or designs of the streets around it. You need to be extremely cautious while selecting the plot and carefully look into all the details and only then go ahead and purchase it. Square and rectangular sites are preferred as they bring good luck for the inhabitants as Vastu advocates balance, symmetry and harmony in construction.

Any kind of reductions or cuts in the plot affects the people residing in that building. From a commercial perspective especially for big layouts or industrial plots, it has happened in the past that reclaimed land or agricultural land or site is re-developed. More often than not the plots are of irregular shapes with inauspicious reductions or extensions. A cut in any of the corners is inauspicious as it transcends into some or the other body part of Vastu Purush being chopped off. Although Northeast has been given the most important position by all scholars of vastu, all other angles are also of equal importance.

We are aware of the fact that each small nerve, small part and minute cells is essential for the proper functioning of a body and a disorder in any one of them can cause discomfort, unease or trauma. This is similar to the cutting off of a part or portion of the body of Vaastu Purush. Any cut or reduction points towards a sort of weakness and imbalance of elements.

Plots which have natural extensions towards the northeast are very auspicious leading to health and prosperity. A Cut or reduction in the northeast spells disaster and has adverse effects on the prosperity, growth and happiness of the owners. To minimize any bad effect it is recommended to rectify it by constructing a wall of 3 feet height to provide the site a square or rectangular shape. The cut-off portion can be utilized for a separate shop, showroom or godown depending on the direction and requirements.

Care should also be taken while carrying out extensions in an already constructed building. As a thumb rule, avoid buying land or carrying out extensions in the south, west, south-west, south-east or north-west of your site. Buy any land which is on the north, east, or north-east of your property. Only sites which have extensions / growth towards north-east are auspicious. This is valid for any naturally extended plots buying additional adjacent land and extensions carried out in the existing structures.